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Karen’s first paying gig was singing for chocolate at the age of two on the counter of the local Co-op. She still has a sweet tooth but she has at least got off the counter!

Since then Karen has worked in theatre and television as an actor, dancer and choreographer and in pubs, clubs and hotels around Scotland as a singer. She gained Equity membership as part of an earlier close harmony vocal duo, before spending several years performing with Sheena.

Latterly, Karen worked as a solo cabaret singer for an agency covering a diverse range of material and responding to increasingly, random requests from the punters, which was a steep learning curve!

As a voiceover artiste one of her finest moments was providing the voice of Svetlana an amorous, animated, Russian snake!

Away from performing, Karen spent many years running workshops training for the film and television industry as well as drama classes for fun and confidence building. She also has experience of working with special needs and mixed-ability groups, including providing workshops for social work and mental health organizations. Alongside this, Karen has written and directed extensively for children’s theatre.

While teaching others Karen has continued her own learning, undergoing several years of vocal training with different practitioners, giving her the opportunity to absorb varying styles and teaching techniques.

A life-long vegetarian, and a bit of a New-Age earth mother, she is a devotee of alternative therapies and tends to get all chilled-out and fluffy in the vicinity of the sea. She is passionate about animals and lives with her cats and her lovely husband Mark. Her ambition is to duet with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, though she admits her motives may not be entirely musical!

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