Singing Sessions

Our Sessions are weekly singing classes giving you the opportunity to come along and sing with other women in an informal setting.

Due to the current COVID-19 advice in place, we have moved our Singing Sessions online in the meantime. We will be keeping an online element to our classes when restrictions are lifted, so don't worry if you wouldn't be able to join us in person in Glasgow, we will still be here for you!

We have a variety of weekly classes available to suit you whatever your level of experience. See our Next Sessions page for more details about when our classes are on and to book your place.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience of singing, this is your chance to have a go and learn more about your voice in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Attendees at Singing Session

The focus in our classes is on having fun and learning a variety of songs together. We are not a choir so, rather than you always singing the same part, you will have the chance to learn both the melody and harmony for songs and to try out different parts. Doing this will help you to explore and learn more about your voice and what it can do. We sing a cappella (unaccompanied) so that we can really focus on our voices and learn how to bring out their best sound.

We spend time in each class covering vocal techniques to help you progress and develop and strengthen your voice. We also run workshops, periodically, that focus on specific elements of technique. We want to help you to feel confident in your voice and experience the real joy of singing!

Our classes run at a pace to suit the group and we are always happy to go over parts again, so don't be worried about whether you will be able to keep up. The sessions are very informal and interactive and you can ask questions as we go along. Check out our FAQs for more information about attending our Sessions.


Watch our video below for an idea of what we get up to in our Sessions.



We want to ensure that our sessions meet what you are looking for and we are always pleased to get feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see in them, including songs you would like to sing. The group has learned songs in a range of styles and we are always up for trying something new!

We are building up a repertoire of songs for performance and there are frequent opportunities to perform at external events, if you wish to get involved. There is no pressure for you to perform, so if this is not your thing do not worry! You can always come along and support your fellow singers instead – the group are always pleased to see friendly faces in the audience and you may find yourself inspired to give it a go. It can be strangely addictive as many of our ladies will testify!

Come along and join us at our next Session and try one of our classes out for yourself.

To help develop your confidence in singing and performing we also run a series of workshops providing you with the skills to tap into your dynamic inner diva!

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“Really enjoyed my first lesson, met some really nice people and looking forward to the next one! Everyone was really friendly and it was so much fun.”

– Andrea

“Really good morning two hours passed in a flash. Great warm up and good solid singing.”

– Annie

"I discovered Dynamic Meladies at exactly the right time for me. I had never sung before and had no knowledge of music at all, so was a bit nervous, but there was no need. I was instantly made to feel welcome by Sheena and Karen and the others in the group and I felt at ease in a flash. I have learned so much in a short space of time. It is such good fun, everyone is lovely and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Maria

Free singing resources for you!

Sign-up at our Ladies Room to access our Voice Box full of free resources to help you start working on your singing voice. There are singing and breathing exercises for you to practise and useful tips to inspire you! Our free Singing Practice Planner for June is now available for you to download.

Image of front cover of June Singing Practice Planner

Next Singing Sessions

We have a variety of weekly Singing Sessions available to suit you, whatever your level of experience. Find out more and book your place at one of our Online Singing Sessions this week on Tuesday 15th (this class is particularly suited for people with less experience) or Saturday 19th June. We are also looking to rerun our highly successful Absolute Beginners Singing Course in the near future, so make sure to register your interest for the 10-week course and don't miss out!

Screenshot of Session attendees on Zoom

Upcoming workshops

We run Singing Workshops every couple of months. Details of our next Workshop will appear on our Upcoming Workshops page.