Why Sing?

Why sing?

Singing is fun and it’s good for you too! Music connects with us emotionally, helping us to express how we feel.

The physical aspect of singing helps us to get in touch with our bodies and makes us feel energised and alive. Not to mention happy – all those lovely endorphins bouncing around and not a treadmill in sight!

Improving your breathing to support your singing voice will help you to relax and feel more in control.

Taking some ‘me-time’ out of your busy life to recharge your batteries will enable you to feel refreshed and ready for whatever the world throws at you. It also does wonders for your confidence.

Singing has been proven to increase mental agility and aid memory, increasingly important in our ageing population.

Singing with others is a delightful way to make friends and increase your connection with those around you.

Come and join us and see what you can achieve as you develop more confidence in your singing voice and increase your enjoyment of music. You’ll be amazed where it can take you!


Singing tips

  • Posture is important for health in general and singing in particular. Give your lungs a fighting chance by giving them space.
  • Your throat needs room too so don’t restrict it by hunching your shoulders or straining your neck.
  • Imagine a string through the centre of your body emerging from the top of your head.
  • Gently pull upwards without tensing, keeping your throat relaxed, shoulders rolled back and down and breathe naturally.

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Upcoming workshops

We run Singing Workshops every couple of months. Details of our next Workshop will appear on our Upcoming Workshops page.