Not so Sound of Silence!

At our Singing Session on Wednesday evening, we were in the middle of singing The Sound of Silence when one of our ladies suddenly let out a yell and retreated to a corner of the room. Somewhat startled, and with the rendition of the song grinding to a halt, we looked down and discovered the cause of her alarm - a large spider had taken up its place within our circle! The spider appeared quite unfazed by us (unlike our member who, unfortunately, is less comfortable around spiders!) and seemed either to want to join in with the singing or to enjoy the performance. Perhaps spiders can sing? Who knows.

We carefully removed the spider from the room and placed it safely, nearby, where it could continue to enjoy listening to us singing and could join still join in, if it wished!

We have a suggestion box where our ladies can add details of songs that they think might be fun for the group to sing. Perhaps we will find a note in it, written in tiny writing, suggesting something from David Bowie's album Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars!

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