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Focus On Breathing Workshop

“Every Breath You Take”

WHEN: SATURDAY 27th JULY 2019 10.30AM– 12.30 PM


Singing cat running out of breath, with blue faceDo you find yourself running out of breath when you sing? Not sure how to support your voice? Find yourself hurting your throat when singing high, or low, notes? Then this Workshop is for you. Our Focus on Breathing Workshop will help you to use your breath more effectively and improve your singing voice.

Learning good breathing technique is essential in relation to managing conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks. It is beneficial for your general well-being and helps you to relax and remove stress from your body.

This is one of our series of Singing Workshops designed to help you to develop and strengthen your singing voice.

The Workshop will focus on breathing techniques, looking particularly at:

  • supporting the voice properly with your breath
  • building up your breath control to get you through a line of singing
  • using the breath to produce a rich singing tone
  • using the breath to vary dynamics

We will also be working on songs in the Workshop, using these as examples to practise breathing techniques and breath control.

If this is all new to you don’t worry, our Workshops are designed to help you develop your voice in a warm and supportive environment.

Please let us know if you have any additional requirements.

We look forward to singing with you!

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