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Singing In Your Upper Register Workshop


When: Saturday 10th November 2018, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Where: The Unitarian Church, Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Do you struggle to reach high notes? Does your voice sound thin and reedy or breathy in your higher register? Does your throat hurt from straining to sing high notes? Then this Singing Workshop is for you

People are often afraid of using the upper register of their voice and find themselves becoming tense, which makes it more difficult to reach notes and produce a pleasing sound.

Our Workshop will focus on helping you to become more comfortable in your higher register and on learning to produce sound without strain. You need never be scared of those high notes again!

This Workshop is designed to help you whether:

  • You've never really sung before
  • You've sung a bit but would like to feel more confident in your voice
  • You've sung before and would like to get your voice moving again

The Workshop will look at:

  • Using breath to provide effective support through your whole vocal range
  • Relaxing your muscles to prevent excessive strain
  • Improving your pitch to avoid singing flat
  • Being confident in your sound, throughout the range of your voice

We will be working on songs during the Workshop, using them to put the techniques you have been learning, into practice.

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