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Singing with Emotion Workshop

“I Second That Emotion”

When: Wednesday 5th December 2018, 7.00 - 9.00pm

Where: The Unitarian Church, Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7DS.

When you sing, do you find yourself getting so caught up in thinking about when to breathe, what the tune is and how to fit the words in, that you forget all about the feelings being conveyed in the song? Are you unsure of how to communicate the emotions to your audience without coming across as being over-dramatic? Then this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop we will be focussing on using emotion appropriately to convey the story of a song. There is more to singing than just delivering the right notes in the right places. Songs have a story to tell and being able to communicate these stories with the emotions they evoke, is part of the whole fun of singing! This workshop will help you to bring colour and depth to songs and share their story with your audience whether you are singing on stage, in an informal setting or to the cat!

This Workshop is designed to help you whether:

  • You've never really sung before
  • You've sung a bit but would like to feel more confident in your voice
  • You've sung before and would like to get your voice moving again

The Workshop will look at:

  • Your experience of emotions and how to use this when singing
  • Pulling emotions back, so you don't overact
  • How different emotions affect you physically
  • Connecting with the emotions in a song

We will be working on songs during the Workshop, using them to put the techniques you have been learning, into practice.

We look forward to singing with you!

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