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Singing Workshop - Focus on Dynamics

“Pump Up The Volume”

When: Saturday 7th July 2018

Where: The Unitarian Church, Berkeley Street, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Do you have difficulty staying in tune when singing loudly or softly? Does singing louder feel forced and uncomfortable? Then we have just the Workshop for you!

Telling the story of a song involves more than just singing the right notes and words. Variations in volume will help you to convey more of the meaning within a song and to engage your audience, whether you are singing on stage, in an informal setting or to the cat!

Our Workshop, focussing on dynamics, will help you to learn where and how to vary your volume when singing. This will enable you to deliver a more interesting vocal performance, while ensuring your voice remains healthy.

This is one of our series of Singing Workshops designed to help you to develop and strengthen your singing voice.

The Workshop will focus on:

  • Using your breath effectively
  • Producing loud and soft sounds without strain
  • Using your voice to add colour to lyrics
  • Bringing a song to life

We will be working on a couple of songs in the Workshop, using these to practise variations in volume.

Please let us know if you have any additional requirements.

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